This is for the ladies

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Dear Ladies,

Lot of you seem to like/loove fashion so here´s a golden tip how to be in top of the fashion and look good. Motorcycles are really coming I tells ya!!

This nice little video is such an good mood video in so many levels. And it really shows what motorcycling is really all about. PLUS it´s a good example for the girls, women, ladies, whatever you prefer to call them, how motorcycles are NOT to be afraid of and why it´s the coolest ride you can ride. It´s not that BMW convertible anymore that your douchebag-ex-boyfriend-with-no-style still drives.

In Japan girls has got this thing few years ago already. Motorcycle has been their everyday ride almost like bicycles are in Amsterdam.  And now all around the world more and more ladies has started to get more intrigued about it. You can read stories about a girl (Aileen) who travels around Indonesia, Asia, where ever, basically by herself. You can follow her in Instagram and see her daily photos from the trip. Which is so cool and exactly what this thing needs. Women who understands that it´s not just mens lifestyle but it can also be theirs. And also to realize how awesome that lifestyle is. Not to mention how good you look on a bike. Show me a person who honestly thinks that man or woman who sits on a cool ass motorcycle that he or she doesn´t look cool, sexy and stylish. I dare you!

But to you Ladies I wanna say: DOOO IIIIT! Try it once and I´m pretty sure you´re gonna be stoked about it!! And if you feel like that there´s too much hassle with all the oil change and stuff, that´s why we, RENKI BROTHERS, are here. We are here for you! We will help you to get to know things you need to know and help in any way we can! (and because we know your boyfriend can´t) 😉 😀